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Food Freedom Breakthrough Session

You will complete a comprehensive questionnaire prior to our session, so that we can make the most of our time together.

In the initial session I will ask further questions to gain an insight into where your issues with food began and offer an EFT session to help clear any subconscious blocks to recovery.

The EFT treatment can be recorded (optional) so you can practice the technique yourself at home.

You will then be granted access to my online Food Freedom Self-Study program to work through over the following 4 weeks. This program will teach you:

After 4-6 weeks we will then have a follow up session to review progress and discuss any further recommendations or support required

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Hi, I'm Claire!

Your Food Freedom Therapist

Eternal student. So passionate about helping women overcome their food struggles I have trained with industry experts in the most current psychology and neuroscience based techniques to help get to the root cause of clients issues and overcome them.

Having already walked the path that many of my clients have I have deep empathy for the distress there are in about their relationship with food and themselves.

I practice with complete professionalism but with a soft, empathic and sensitive demeanour. Its important that my clients feel safe and understood when they work with me.

Claire Feldman, Founder of Eatology

Claire Feldman, Founder of Eatology will help you break free from binge-eating

A Breakthrough Session is perfect for you if:

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Are you currently….

Yes? Then a Food Freedom Breakthrough Session is for you!

Got questions about the Food Freedom Breakthrough Session?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has been referred to as “psychological acupressure”. In acupuncture and acupressure, energy channels are recognized throughout your body. These are specifically located superhighways of energy flow, and they can become blocked by environmental toxins, mental stress and anxiety, poor diet and a number of other causes.

EFT is a practice in the emerging field of energy psychology that recognizes emotional problems can lead to physical symptoms, diseases and illness. EFT is sometimes called tapping, because this treatment uses light tapping motions with your fingers on specific areas where energy meridians are located.

EFT tapping unblocks your clogged energy pathways, and both mental and physical symptoms are cleared up. This leads to energy harmony, and a stronger control of your emotions, as well as a control of your responses to your emotions.

Emotional Eating and EFT Tapping

People often eat in response to emotional triggers as opposed to physical hunger. Whilst this is normal and can be helpful as a self-soothe strategy, when it is a person’s main or only coping mechanism, it can have long term detrimental effects.

Since EFT recognizes emotional reasons are at the core of most health problems, whether they are physical or emotional, it makes the perfect treatment for emotion-based eating disorders. Not only do your negative emotions cause an imbalance in your body’s natural energy system, but any imbalance in your energy flow can lead to emotions that you answer with unhealthy eating habits.

I have no doubt that you will gain the deepest insight into the reasons behind your emotional or binge eating and this awareness in itself can be transformative for individuals.

Whilst I have had great success with clients, personal guarantees can not be made. If your issues are pervasive and long standing, 1:1 therapy might be more suitable.

You will have access to my self-study program which has weekly modules drip fed over a 6 week period.  Generally the audio or video lessons within the program will take 60-90 minutes a week.

If you receive a tapping video or guided meditation I’d recommend practising this as often as possible between our first and last session, as it it’s to install a new way of thinking and behaving about food.


I work from a private and confidential office in Bangor, Co. Down.  Since the pandemic however, most of my services have become virtual and i work with clients throughout the UK (via zoom)

No.  Whilst the content of my website is geared toward B.E.D, I do work with other issues.  Disordered eating is a broad spectrum and although you may not have a ED diagnosis, your issues with food might be causing you significant distress.

Your feelings are completely valid and if it’s something that you would like to work with me on, then please book a discovery call to discuss further.

Please note however, I am not currently accepting referrals for anorexia treatment.

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